Everything on USB-C from iPhone 15? Here's what you can do with old Lightning cables and accessories

Upgrade to iPhone 15 and no longer need Lightning cables and other accessories that don't work with USB-C? Read three possible answers to the question: “What should I do with Lightning cables?” old cables and other accessories, the easiest way is to throw them in the trash.

Luckily, old cables are very easy to recycle or refurbish so you can continue to use or dispose of them responsibly.

Let's look at three easy ways to deal with your old Lightning cables and accessories.

What should I need Lightning cables?

Save them and buy an adapter

Depending on your needs and the type of accessory, buying one or two USB-C to Lightning adapters may be useful or ideal to continue using what you have you have, instead of buying new USB-C cables or accessories:

  • The official Apple USB-C to Lightning adapter costs $29.
  • Third-party USB-C to Lightning adapters manufacturers cost approximately $8.00.

Share/Donate with Friends or Family

There are plenty of people who still have an iPhone 14 or earlier that can use your Lightning cables.

  • Ask friends or family for advice.
  • Ask around at work.
  • Donate Lightning cables to a local thrift store, non-profit, school, etc.

Recycling or donation locations

  • Apple Stores
    • Apple accepts almost any electronic device from any manufacturer for free recycling. but does not offer any store credits or discounts on things like cables and adapters.
  • Staples
    • Accepts a wide range of devices for its free recycling program. And Staples offers a $5 in-store recycling credit.
  • Best Buy
    • Accepts most electronics and offers in-store rebates for some items.
  • Donate to a local thrift store or similar

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