Eufy will add disclosures to their app due to security issues, but still denies overt security holes.

It was recently revealed that Anker's Eufy sends data from its cameras to the cloud, despite advertising to the contrary. Eufy has now updated its app with a clearer explanation that it sends data to the cloud when certain settings are enabled.

< /p> < p>Summing up Eufy's security issues, there are two key issues. First, Eufy advertised its cameras and video intercoms with local recording to improve security, but a security researcher discovered that the company uploaded camera images to AWS servers along with facial recognition data. The second problem was a serious security hole that allowed camera streams from third-party media players such as VLC.

In the latter case, Yufi explained that “thumbnails” clips made by users’ cameras have been loaded to deliver notifications from mobile apps. Although the security researcher who first discovered the issue claims that this understates the situation, the underlying problem was that the data was being downloaded without any notification.

As ZDNet noted, Eufy has updated its Eufy Security app . on iOS to display a statement “when users choose to send message thumbnails” The application is displayed in the settings menu, as shown in the image below.

It seems that there is no update on Android yet.

However, Eufy still denies having another major security hole found in its systems. The company told several outlets, including The Verge, that “it is not possible to start streaming and watch live video using a third-party player like VLC.” despite the fact that numerous researchers and journalists have repeatedly proven otherwise.

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