Emergency SOS call via satellite for iPhone 14 extends to Europe

UK Satellite SOS


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Apple has introduced emergency SOS via satellite on iPhone 14 in Europe, and users in the UK, Ireland, France, and Germany can get help without connecting to networks.

Initially launching in North America in early 2022, Apple is rumored to be planning to roll out emergency SOS via satellite to other markets, starting in European regions. On Tuesday, Apple confirmed that the feature can be used in four more countries.

As of December 13, iPhone 14 and Pro users in the UK, Ireland, France, and Germany can use the satellite safety feature if they need help and there is no phone signal. no wifi.

After triggering in a dead zone, the SOS emergency service via satellite asks the user a series of questions to determine what happened. A special text message is then sent to the satellite and sent to a relay center staffed by Apple-trained technicians, who then contact emergency services on the user's behalf.

The add-on also includes the ability to tell friends and family about their location when they are in a blackout area using the Find My app to share the location.

“Being able to use a satellite connection to reach 999 or 112 when there is no cell service or Wi-Fi is a breakthrough that Apple has introduced to the general public with the iPhone 14,” said John Anthony, President of the British public relations associations.

“This feature will mean emergency services can be alerted when they weren’t possible before, and then be able to do their job more efficiently, thanks in part to the initial information that can be shared with dispatchers. such as location and basic information about the emergency,” he added. “In the long run, this will help save lives.”

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