Elon Musk will compete with the iPhone if Twitter is removed from the App Store

Elon Musk


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If Apple and Google kick Twitter out of their online stores, Elon Musk has warned he'll make his own “alternative phone” for iPhone and Android. devices.

Twitter went through many changes during Elon Musk's tenure, including some important ones. However, policy changes to the moderation policy, as well as other major developments, could potentially force app stores to act in the future as the situation worsens.

In the potential event that Apple has to remove Twitter from the App Store or Google does the same with the Play Store, Musk isn't worried. Instead, he says he will act like Bender from Futurama and make his own smartphone.

In Friday's response to a tweet in which Musk suggested making a smartphone if Apple and Google abandon Twitter, the billionaire hopes that “it won't come to that, but, yes, if there is no other choice, I will make an alternative telephone”.

Musk doesn't go into details about the smartphone roadmap, so it can be seen as a passing remark, but it shouldn't be discounted. Musk created The Boring Company and also sold “flamethrowers” online, both on a whim and with significant investments quickly made into each one.

Given his huge resources and team of employees, it would be unreasonable to think that Musk is able to create competition for the iPhone and popular Android devices. Another question is whether it will become popular enough to support and attract the attention of the public for their purchase.

Even though Apple is a major service, there is always a chance that Apple will be able to access an app from the App Store, as it must abide by the same App Store policies as everyone else. This includes rules that force social apps to have a certain level of content moderation, which Apple has previously acted upon.

In early 2021, Apple removed the controversial social networking app Parler from the App Store for failing to comply with moderation guidelines and for posting objectionable content. Apple later allowed the app to return to the App Store after changes were made.

With Friday's announcement of an “amnesty” for banned accounts, Musk could soon test the same App Store rules.

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