Elon Musk visits Apple headquarters hosted by Tim Cook

Source: Twitter


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Elon Musk visited Apple's California headquarters Wednesday amid claims the company is threatening to remove Twitter from the App Store.

In a short four-second video, Musk thanked Apple CEO Tim Cook for walking him around Apple Park.

It's not clear how the meeting was started or by whom, but the CEO of Twitter likely wanted to meet with Cook to discuss the active Twitter “war” that Musk wanted to start. Apple hasn't said anything publicly, but Musk has said the company is threatening to remove the Twitter app from the App Store until Musk establishes clear rules about content on the platform.

Apple has strict content moderation policies, and Twitter is believed to have fired most of its moderation teams. The European Union is also demanding that Twitter step up moderation again, warning Musk that he will block or fine Twitter if it does not follow its content moderation laws, which will come into effect in 2023.

Musk completed his purchase of Twitter in October, buying it for $46.5 billion. He has since fired employees and changed the company's Twitter Blue subscription, as well as its blue check check process.

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