Early tests of iPhone 15 after overheating fix showed no performance loss

iPhone 15 Pro Max Geekbench tests after applying the iOS 17.0.3 patch

Although the patch , which fixes overheating issues on the iPhone 15, only lasted about an hour and a half, with initial testing showing it had no impact on performance.

The hands-on experience with the iPhone 15 was strange and had a clear dichotomy. In these accounts, some phones got very hot and some didn't. Reliable data on this was somewhat obscured by the indexing of phones after data transfer or OS updates, which only complicated the assessment.

As the days went by, it became clear that not all users were complaining about the heat, and neither were most iPhone 15 users. Some were, and one of our staff and I had a little chat about it early this morning – &mdash ; but this matter has become clear.

But social media continued this idea, picked up and reinforced by the tribal nature of the Internet.

Apple waited until September 30 to say something about this. They then blamed the heating on Instagram and other apps, as well as a bug in iOS 17.0.2 that was exacerbating the problem.

And they promised to release a patch for iOS to solve this problem. This update arrived Wednesday afternoon.

In the hour and a half that the update was available, we updated several of our iPhones with the patch and re-ran the testing we relied on in some of our reviews.

We ran all the tests given in the reviews several times for different runs and different users. In each case, we got what we saw in the studies, with little or no variation.

If you plug any computing device or charge the battery, it will heat up. Physics and chemistry are inevitable. We think the iPhone could have a better cooling system to last longer, but that's neither here nor there today.

Ultimately, time will tell, and I'm sure there will be some unusual examples and applications, since benchmarking is not the universal end result of performance testing. But today, initial testing across the wider network revealed no significant performance issues caused by the patch.

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