Download this gorgeous iPhone 14 Pro schematic wallpaper, and what's behind the Basic Apple Guy's creative process?

Yesterday, virtuoso designer Basic Apple Guy released incredibly detailed, layered, sketchy wallpapers for the iPhone 14 in a variety of colors. Today he released his beautiful wallpapers for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Read on to download new wallpapers for your iPhone, as well as learn about his creative process, give advice to designers and artists, and more in a short interview with us.

Regular Apple Guy shared a new wallpaper for free on his blog (support him with advice here) and detailed incredibly accurate months& #8217; worth the work put into them.

“The highlight of these circuits is a component that I have not shown until today, the A16 chip. Borrowing everything I learned from creating the M2 MacBook Air circuit, I designed the Pro circuits with an exposed logic board. Now normally this component is covered when inside the phone to protect the electronics, but once I saw the teardown I couldn't resist trying to recreate it for wallpaper. I thought it would probably add a few hours of work and a few hundred extra details to the design. I underestimated. The 2367-part iPhone 14 Pro logic board is one of my most complex parts to date, and I added tons of extra hours to complete this project. But it was well worth it as it became a beautiful calling card for this project.

Another part of this scheme that I'm very proud of is a few snippets that you rarely see – TrueDepth camera, infrared camera and amplifier; A dot projector hidden behind a dynamic island. Although you often don't see these parts, they fall and hide behind the Dynamic Island every time you unlock your iPhone or minimize the app. I wanted to make sure that no detail was left out; even for snippets you won't see 99% of the time.”

How to download schematic wallpaper for iPhone 14 Pro

  • You can find 9 different color /two-tone wallpaper at the bottom of the Basic Apple Guy post (even RAW files)
  • Here's his jar of tips if you appreciate awesome work and want to say thanks : )
  • You can find the wallpaper for iPhone 14 and 14 Plus here

Apple Guy Core Creative Process

< p>I had a chance to ask the regular Apple Guy a few questions to understand about his creative process, how he handles challenges, and listen to his advice to designers and artists 😁:

What do you find most exciting or interesting about doing such detailed work?

This tendency to explore and understand complex things has always fascinated me. As a child, I spent hours looking at books on the cross-sections of boats and planes. I loved to get lost in the countless minute details of something; perhaps this wallpaper is a natural extension of that. These wallpapers also help me appreciate the iPhone more. From the outside, the iPhone is just a slab of metal and glass (an extraordinary slab, mind you). When I create them and notice the thousands of relationships and layers between all the components, it makes the device feel a lot more special.

What is the most difficult thing for you in such projects? Any tips on how you get through them? Are there any special systems?

These wallpapers become very, very monotonous. I can spend several hours and show just a few pixels of work. For this reason, persistence can become challenging, and this is where time and persistence must be planned to get through some of the more repetitive parts. Unfortunately, I can't focus if I listen to spoken audio (sorry, 9to5Mac Happy Hour) and instead rely on playlists to help me focus and stay in a state of flow. I also like to set aside time for this after I complete other tasks and errands, to make sure I can devote long, undivided chunks of time to working on them.

Do you have any advice for aspiring creators/designers/artists inspired by your work?

I always fall into the trap of seeing great designs and get discouraged by that what I'm creating doesn't look so good. But in this moment, I forget about the hundreds and thousands of hours that someone works alone to get their work to the right place. When you look at my iPhone 13 schematics versus iPhone 14 schematics, I hope they show advances in technology, but it didn't happen by chance or accident; it was the result of hundreds of hours of practice. Never lose sight of Grind & a process that gets someone where you want to be. Quote from Futurama: “When you do it right, people won't be sure you did anything at all.”

Learn more about what went into this amazing project and learn more about how Basic Apple works Guy on his website.

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