Disney CEO Bob Iger Denies Apple Merger Rumors You Probably Never Heard Of

Regular Disney CEO Bob Iger recently returned to Disney after a two-year hiatus and is already saying no to a potential takeover by Apple.

Disney abruptly fired former CEO Bob Chapek this month and replaced nominated Bob Iger as Bob Iger's replacement. Disney has assigned the 71-year-old to lead the company for two years while looking for a new CEO. Previously, Iger led Disney for two decades.

The returned CEO held his first meeting with Disney employees today. During the town hall, Iger reportedly responded to rumors that Apple and Disney could potentially reach a merger agreement and operate as one company. Iger previously served on Apple's board of directors for many years before leaving after Apple began competing with Disney for original video content.

Iger dismissed any talk of an Apple-Disney merger during the company's meeting. While there have been no real reports in the media that Apple and Disney could potentially join forces under the same roof, some analysts have generally said that the scenario makes sense.

“Apple should buy…” [a struggling company] is often a brilliant idea that analysts have when a company next to Apple falls behind in some way. However, the size of Disney is astronomically far from the size of any company Apple has acquired.

The latest acquisition was Beats for 3 billion dollars in 2014, including the basis for the Apple Music subscription service. It is known that Apple bought Steve Jobs’ NeXT when Apple itself struggled to stay afloat. The deal put the Apple co-founder back into the company that created the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

As for Disney, Bob Iger calls any talk of buying Apple “pure speculation.” No. 8221; at the moment.

“Offering his take on being out of the company last year after decades at Disney, Iger additionally told staff that rumors of a merger or deal with Apple were just only rumors, & #8221; according to Deadline. “The man who bought Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Fox for Disney during his last tenure as CEO also noted that House of Mouse is not going to make any major acquisitions anytime soon.”

This is pure speculation and will probably be speculated about the rest of the time. Over the years, Apple has succumbed to a number of promising or failed companies, including Netflix, Tesla and Peloton, no matter what analysts may come up with.

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