Discord's latest update broke it on macOS – here's how to fix it

A new update has broken Discord for some Apple Silicon Mac owners — but this is a fix.

If you updated Discord on your Apple Silicon Mac on Thursday, you've likely encountered a program that no longer opens. Even after restarting and reinstalling the application, the problem persists.

Fortunately, this is easy to fix. Thanks to some quick thinking from Reddit user chrfr on the r/discordapp subreddit, you can start Discord without waiting for a fix. All you need to do is configure Discord to open with Rosetta.

How to fix Discord app not working on macOS

  1. Open Finder
  2. Click Applications
  3. Right-click the Discord
  4. icon

  5. Click Get Info
  6. Select the Open with Rosetta checkbox

Once launched in Rosetta, Discord can be used again on Apple Silicon.

Of course, if you haven't updated Discord yet and can avoid doing so, this is probably the best option until the developers fix the broken patch.

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