Developers Please Note: Apple Silicon is required to develop apps for VisionOS


On Tuesday, Apple released a beta version of Xcode 15.1 with a warning for developers — Creating apps for VisionOS and Apple Vision Pro requires a Mac with Apple Silicon.

There has been a question in the developer community about how long Intel computers will be supported by Apple. For some developers, that deadline may be a few more years, but that deadline may already be here for anyone hoping to create products for Apple's Vision Pro.

Apple left a clear note in the Xcode 15.1 beta release notes — VisionOS development requires a Mac with Apple Silicon. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith pointed this out, calling it a line in the sand.

Although the VisionOS simulator can run on some Intel-based Macs, Apple is telling developers that some development will not be available on Intel , either now or in the near future. This means that any developer still using an Intel processor will have to consider switching to Apple Silicon.

This is a tough market for some, as Apple's Mac Pro with M2 Ultra isn't much of a step up from Intel's model. Those who rely on additional graphics cards won't be able to migrate their workflows to Apple Silicon.

The announcement of Apple Silicon as a required component for VisionOS software development could be a sign that a larger move is on the way. Some have speculated that macOS Sonoma could be the last operating system to support Intel.

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