Delivery times for iPhone 15 Pro models are gradually decreasing.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Post-launch delivery times for the 15th generation iPhone are starting to improve, but not quite to the levels of the iPhone 14 collection.

Third week of tracking J.P. product availability. Morgan shows that delivery times have begun to tighten. This is a fairly typical phenomenon, reflecting the time trajectories of previous years.

According to the tracker, lead times have dropped by four days over the past week, with most of the changes occurring in high-end models. Non-professional models remained “virtually unchanged.”

In terms of global delivery times, iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus home delivery times were 17 days for both models in week three, the same as week two. The iPhone 15 Pro saw a decrease from 36 days to 29 days, while the Pro Max saw a decrease from 54 to 46 days.

Compared to the iPhone 14 generation in the relatively third week, the timing is longer. Last year, the iPhone 14 and Plus had 3 days and 0 days at this stage, while the Pro and Pro Max had 31 and 39 days.

Time to complete work to track iPhone availability worldwide in days [J.P. Morgan]

J.P. Morgan writes in a note seen by AppleInsider that the extended lead times for non-Pro models are “at least in part due to supply ramp-up issues, which have since been resolved.” The increase in Pro order lead times was “likely impacted by a combination of early bookings and slower supply growth.”

In the US, the iPhone 15 and Plus remained unchanged between weeks at 15 days each, while the Pro and Pro Max had their moderation reduced to 28 and 35 days respectively, down from 54 days and 61 in the afternoon.

In China, budget class models again remained the same – 21 days each. Pro models again saw moderation, with Pro increasing from 36 days to 29 days and Pro Max from 50 days to 43 days.

In the European tracker, the lead time for orders in German has been reduced, and for non-professional models it has been reduced from 17 to 15 days. The Pro's lifespan has been reduced from 37 to 32 days, and the Pro Max's from 48 to 42 days.

In the UK, delivery times for the iPhone 15 and Plus remained unchanged at 15 days each. Pro increased from 35 days to 28 days, and Pro Max from 59 to 44 days.

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