Courant Launches Luxury Leather and Linen MAG:3 Trays Compatible with MagSafe

Premium Apple Courant accessories maker unveils its latest MagSafe idea, MAG:3. The charger has a tray design with MagSafe charging for iPhone, Qi charging for AirPods, and an additional USB-C port in leather and linen.

Last year, Courant released the MAG:2 (review), a minimalist, sculpted MagSafe-compatible dual charger, and the MAG:1, a high-end MagSafe-compatible puck with a leather and linen finish.

Now Courant is back with the successor to its premium Catch:3 wireless charging tray, the MAG:3.

Courant MAG Features: 3

  • MagSafe compatible wireless charger for iPhone on the left (7.5 W output)
  • Qi wireless charger for AirPods or other devices on the right (5 W output, non-magnetic).
  • Additional 10W USB-C output on rear.
  • Premium Italian pebbled leather on Classics, premium Belgian linen on Essentials.
  • 3 colors for Linen MAG: 3 Essentials, 2 leather colors MAG:3 Classics
  • Color-matched nylon braided USB-C cable included; also a power adapter.
  • Price $150-$200 – 20% off on launch day/Black Friday.

You can pre-order on Courant MAG: 3 right now, buy the first chargers will arrive on November 20.


I really like it updated design of the second generation Courant wireless tray. It offers plenty of space to organize your daily essentials, as well as keep your iPhone and AirPods in working order, all with a stylish look.

Two additions that would have been nice to see were a convertible pull-out stand. or a simple MagSafe spot for iPhone so you can take advantage of StandBy and official MagSafe support.

In the latter case, however, I don't think Apple allows partners to use official MagSafe without the white rubber trim. So it's likely a trade-off to get a crisp design in leather or linen.

What do you think of MAG:3? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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