Comixology officially shelved in December as inferior Kindle service takes over

Comicsology has finally fully merged with the Kindle


Users clinging to their Comixology collection are running out of time as The service is running out of time to finally merge with Kindle on December 4th.

Comixology users have had to migrate their collection since early 2022, but the move to Kindle has reportedly been a disaster. Those who hold off on migrating for fear of losing comics will soon have to pull the trigger as comicsology will soon disappear forever.

According to a report from GeekWire, the time for reading comics is over. The author migrated his account from Comixology to Kindle, and although it used to be a nightmare, everything seems to be working fine now.

The Kindle app and browser tools have also been updated in light of this latest transition. Users can easily hide read comics, sort and filter them in the Kindle app, and see all their titles carry over seamlessly.

The report notes that the Comixology Unlimited subscription is designed to work in the Kindle app, but the tab for it does not yet work.

Comixology shared more information and instructions in the X post below.

The Kindle app is not designed with comics or manga in mind, which is why users have complained that its quality is inferior to Comixology's. Customers have also complained about a noticeable lack of free DRM options in the Kindle Store.

After closing on December 4th, users will no longer be able to access their collections in the Comixology app. After this date, the migration will still work, but there is no word on how long the user will need to wait to ensure no data is lost.

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