Check out the best alternatives to Apple's ill-fated leather case

Alternatives to leather cases

We've looked at the best alternatives to Apple's discontinued leather case for your new iPhone 15.

When Apple released its latest smartphone, she also announced that she would stop using leather. All Apple leather accessories have been discontinued, from wallets to AirTag cases to iPhone cases.

However, many users liked this case style, so we've rounded up some suitable alternatives in a variety of styles.

Why we like the Apple leather case

Environmental factors aside, we liked the design of Apple's leather case. It was the perfect combination of protection while maintaining the iPhone's form factor and design.

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It wasn't too bulky and Apple had a lot of nice touches. There were great color options, anodized aluminum buttons that matched the body, and of course, MagSafe support.

When we set out to find cases to recommend, we wanted to find cases that shared similar properties.

They all had to support MagSafe, feel great, not be too bulky, and yes – — many of them were leather.

Some cases aren't available yet because manufacturers are struggling to accommodate the new action button, but these are the ones we came up with.

Alto Leather Case

Alto uses Italian leather, dyed with aniline dye, maintaining the natural look of leather . look, but you can also use brighter colors than in some other cases.

Alto leather cases

They come in black, green or brown, of course, but we also like gray and pink. They have the qualities of leather, but the personality and color found in other materials.

Like the Apple, the Alto is completely leather-wrapped, covering the sides and back. The interior is made of black microfiber, and on the sides there are buttons made of anodized metal in a matching color.

On pro phones, Alto has a physical action button rather than a cutout, making it very easy to press.

Buy Alto iPhone 15 Cases on Amazon starting at $59.95 and currently running a $10 off coupon.

Bullstrap Leather Case

Bullstrap uses hand-dyed full-grain leather for its leather cases. leather. Our iPhone 15 Pro Max comes in Sienna, a warm brown color.

Sienna Bullstrap case for iPhone 15 Pro Max

These cases change over time, darkening and developing a patina the more you use them. Bullstrap provides a lifetime warranty on them.

These are thin cases that fit perfectly to your iPhone. They have nice tactile metal buttons, including one for the action button.

The bottom is open, which we like because it makes it easier to hold, but we know some users would prefer more protection for their phone. Just something to take into account.

Pre-order starting at $89 from the Bullstrap website in multiple colors.

Native Union (re)classic case

If you love Apple leather cases, but want something more eco-friendly, check out the Native Union (re)Classic case. This iPhone case looks premium and fashionable, but is made from vegan, plant-based leather.

Native Union (re)Classic case

This case is available in black, kraft brown or slate green and has a textured top and smooth bottom. quarter. The top texture provides a comfortable grip on the phone.

It's nice and thin, mimicking the Apple profile, but lacks metal buttons. Instead, the buttons are covered in fabric, and while they're still easy to press, they're not as pronounced.

Native Union also offers bracelets and straps that can be easily attached to the bottom of the case using a removable pad.

Buy it on Amazon for $59.99.

Bellroy Mod Wallet Case

Two Bellroy cases are suitable replacements for the Apple case Leather Case. The first is a standard leather case.

The leather is very soft, probably the softest of all the leather cases we tested. It runs down the sides but still has TPU top and bottom edges for added protection.

Unfortunately, Bellroy did not include an “Action” button in the first round of cases. This makes pressing a little more difficult, although not impossible.

Bellroy iPhone 15 Pro Max Cases

The Mod case comes with a magnetic wallet. The wallet has an extra bar at the bottom that connects to a slot on the back of the case to help it stay in place.

The wallet is great, locks your cards completely and holds three or two cards and some emergency cash.

They all come in solid colors, including the vibrant blue we saw here and black.

The case and wallet for the mod are available on Amazon for $95. You can also purchase the standard case from Amazon for $55.

Nomad Modern Leather Case

Nomad is well known in these parts for its excellent iPhone accessories, and they haven't changed much with the iPhone 15 series.

Here is their modern English leather case from Tan Horween. It will develop a beautiful patina with use depending on your lifestyle.

Nomad Modern Leather Case in English Brown

This is one of the most protective leather cases while remaining slim. All sides are made of TPU, giving this brown leather a two-tone look.

Nomad uses anodized metal buttons, including one covering the action button.

Find it on the Nomad website.

Benks protective kevlar phone case

This case It's not leather, but it still ticks many of the boxes we want for an alternative to Apple's leather case.

This is a premium slim case with metal buttons and a sophisticated appearance. Instead of being wrapped in leather, the back is woven from Dupont Kevlar fibers.

Benks Kevlar Case

Even though it's thin, it's very protective, and we like the extra metal ring that surrounds the camera module. We love the feel of this case and think it embodies many of the qualities of Apple cases.

Buy one from Benk's website for $39.99.

Moft Snap Case MOVAS

Moft also does not use leather, but instead, it uses MOVAS's own material, which is intended as an alternative to leather.

Moft Snap Case with MOVAS

The brand says: “MOVAS is a revolutionary vegan leather developed in-house by MOFT. It has a balanced combination of softness, durability and resistance, and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.”

These cases feel fantastic and definitely feel premium despite being made from vegan leather. There are metal buttons on the sides, and Moft even covered the action button.

Like the Alto and Native Union above, the Moft has a spacer that can be placed at the bottom of the case if you want to use it with a lanyard or bracelet.

Moft offers them in a variety of colors for $39.99.

You will also find them on Amazon.

Mujjo Full Leather Case

Of all the cases, Mujjo may be the closest to the Apple experience. It is very thin, made of quality leather and has metal buttons on the sides.

Mujjo Dark Brown Leather Case

Available in black, dark brown and Monaco blue, Mujjo cases use durable European leather finished in… Netherlands. . Mujjo says its tannery has received a gold rating from the Tannery Working Group for its environmental standards.

Mujjo goes a step further than Apple did with its older cases, however, opting to place an anodized metal ring around the camera bump for even more elegance.

Get them from Mujjo for $59.

Apple FineWoven Cases

Of course, we also had to include Apple FineWoven cases. We've already done a full review of Apple's FineWoven cases, so you can check that out to get our full opinion.

Apple FineWoven Cases

These cases are the successors to the discontinued Apple leather cases and complement the silicone cases. They have a microfiber lining, anodized metal buttons and new FineWoven material on the back.

We've been using one of these for the last couple of weeks, and while it performed better than we expected, it's still not our favorite.

They are available on Amazon for $59.

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