“Categorically terrible” and other early reactions to Apple's new FineWoven accessories

Tim Hardwick

Apple has stopped selling leather accessories and says its FineWoven line of iPhone cases and accessories is more environmentally friendly overall. But in terms of public opinion, early reaction to Apple's alternative material choices appears to be trending toward the negative end of the spectrum.

Image credit: The Verge's Nilay Patel
Apple calls the new fabric option “luxurious and durable micro-twill” and prices FineWoven iPhone cases at $59, MagSafe wallets at $59, AirTag holders at $35. and Apple Watch bands for $99.

The quality of the iPhone cases seemed to particularly anger some customers, with several MacRumors forum members saying they had returned the cases. “After holding it in person,” the poster says, “it feels more like a cheap $10 case from Amazon than Apple quality, especially at this price point.”

“Received and returned,” the message says. another forum member. “Felt is cheap, almost like cardboard.” EvanEiga replied: “The case itself is good in my opinion, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Leather cases seem much nicer. I'm all for Mother Nature, but when it comes to price, the FineWoven case is simply subpar.” Most respondents to a survey on the MacRumors forum seemed to agree.

Positive customer reactions are just as hard to find on Twitter (X). “I use Apple cases for my iPhone 7 phones,” said user X @eggbutspam, “but I have never returned a case as quickly as I did with the FineWoven case I pre-ordered last Friday. FineWoven looks amazing.” garbage.”

“Just got mine in the mail,” one Reddit user said. “It's basically like a polyester pillowcase sandwiched in a plastic shell. I don't hate it, but $60 – that's kind of offensive.”

“Same thing,” another Reddit user responded. “The material looks and feels pretty nice, although it's 0% leather or suede and definitely not worth $60 Perhaps the harshest criticism came from The Verge's Alison Johnson, who called the new iPhone cases “really bad” and described Apple's FineWoven line of accessories as a whole as “categorically terrible.” “.

When I took the MagSafe wallet out of the box, I could clearly see in some places where there were already signs of wear around the edges. Small pieces of lint were also immediately getting onto the fabric. And then there's the fingernail test.

…When you scratch FineWoven, the results seem permanent.When we first examined the cases after picking them up at Apple Park, Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel took one and five ran his nails across it once – and that was all that was needed to leave a trace of indelible scuffs on the fabric. . The scratches are still there a week later, no matter how many times I try to “polish” them by rubbing with my finger.

With so many iPhone 15s and Apple Watch Series 9 buyers yet to purchase FineWoven accessories, It's too early to conclude that these early user opinions reflect a broad consensus, but it's not yet the best advertisement for Apple's new line of FineWoven accessories. Did you buy one of the new cases or straps? Let us know what you think of them in the comments.

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