CarPlay not working for some iPhone 15 users, possibly due to USB-C cables

Posted by Julie Clover

CarPlay is not working properly for some iPhone 15 users. This issue is most likely related to the move to USB-C. MacRumors readers and Reddit users are complaining that they can't get ‌CarPlay‌ to work with your new devices.

Cable type and available port options are a common theme in ‌CarPlay‌ reports that many functional issues are related to USB-A to USB-C cables. Many cars, even later ones, only have USB-A ports and not USB-C ports, so a USB-A to USB-C cable is required.

Unfortunately, it turns out that not all USB-A cables are A – USB-C available on the market will work, but some that work in some vehicles will not work in others. A Reddit user explains:

I got into my car this morning, connected my phone using a USB-A to USB-C cable to use Carplay, and found that it wouldn't connect. It charges, but Carplay does not. The Carplay settings on my phone show my car's name as if it were connected, but nothing appears on the screen.

I work at a car dealership so I tried it on a lot of different cars and nothing worked. My car doesn't have USB-C ports, so I tried the Apple-supplied C-C cable on the 2023 model and it worked without issue. So it appears that either USB-A to USB-C does not support Carplay, or it simply no longer works with third party chargers.

Other ‌CarPlay‌ users chimed in and mentioned the same issues, although some were able to install ‌CarPlay‌ to work with USB-A to USB-C cables such as Belkin cables. Some people have managed to get ‌CarPlay‌ worked with USB-A using a Belkin BoostCharge USB-A to USB-C cable, but others have had no luck.

After trying 2 good quality cables, I called Apple support about this. They tried various potential remedies that did not work. The conversation ended with me agreeing to try the cable that came with the phone after I bought a suitable adapter. When I got home I tried 4 more cables. 3 of them worked, these are from Sony, Samsung and Nintendo (I think). Today I tried the Apple cable + adapter and it works too. Good quality cables (3 pieces) have not given me any problems before, mainly with charging, but also with high-speed connection of the PC to the VR headset. Connecting iPhone to Windows PC worked fine with one of these (I could connect to my phone via iTunes). I suspect there is some point that is being overlooked in the three “good quality” cables. If so, I don't know if this characteristic is a feature of the car or the iPhone. period!

Trying different cables, especially brand-name cables with data support, seems to be the best way to get ‌CarPlay‌ work, but it's worth noting that some people were unable to get the ‌iPhone 15‌ ‌CarPlay‌ even work with Apple adapters and cables. From Reddit:

I have exactly the same problem. I've tried (and bought) several different quality cables, nothing works. Went through all troubleshooting scenarios and AppleCare+. This appears to be an issue with either the iPhone 15 or iOS 17.

One MacRumors reader who contacted us said the issue has been reported to Apple and that Apple is working on a solution. Apple could perhaps implement a software update that would improve compatibility with some cables, or the company could do a better job of explaining which USB-C cables will work with the new iPhones.

Although most complaints have come from car owners , which are limited to USB-A connection ports, there are also reports from some owners of cars with USB-C ports and even some complaints about wireless ‌CarPlay‌. One MacRumors thread suggests that VPNs may be responsible for some recent connection issues, although disabling the VPN didn't work for all users.

Oops, I just went to the machine to check and I got there was a problem. same problem. If the VPN is activated when the car is started, the car will not connect to CarPlay at all. If the VPN is disabled, CarPlay starts, and if I enable the VPN again, CarPlay crashes.

Given the large number of reports, several ‌CarPlay‌ problems at present. ‌CarPlay‌ Users may have to switch to different cables, but Apple may have to release a software update to resolve some of the ‌CarPlay‌ issues. problems.

If you have problems with ‌CarPlay‌ about ‌iPhone 15‌ let us know in the comments below.

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