Buying one of the new M3 Macs? A new build of macOS Sonoma awaits you

On Monday, Apple announced a new generation of MacBook Pro, as well as a new iMac, both based on the M3 chip. These Macs are available for pre-order now and will begin shipping next week. And if you bought one of the new Mac computers, a new build of macOS Sonoma is already waiting for you.

New build of macOS Sonoma available for M3 Macs

As noted by Aaron on X (formerly Twitter) Apple released a new one on Wednesday macOS Sonoma 14.1 build exclusively for the new MacBook Pro and iMac M3. These Macs ship with build 23B2073, which is different from build 23B74 currently available for every other Mac. Released today is build 23B2077.

These builds will likely contain minor fixes specific to newer Mac models, so Apple won't make them available to everyone.Once you purchase one of the M3 Macs, you can update your computer by going to System Preferences > General » > “Software Update”.

As we know, skipping the first day update can lead to some serious errors. iPhone 15 devices shipped with iOS 17.0 build, which caused issues during the iPhone-to-iPhone transfer process when first installed. Apple has released a new build that fixes this bug, and users can install it directly from the setup screen.

As for the iPhone, Apple is developing a new internal system that will allow the company to use wireless connectivity. install firmware updates on sealed iPhones so that new products are shipped to customers with those patches.

Have you already bought one of the M3 Macs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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