Bluetti presents the AC2A and AC70 portable generators, ideal for autumn excursions

Bluetti Introduces New Portable Power Station Options for Fall Adventures.

Don't Let Cold Weather Stop the Fun, Portable The Bluetti Power Station can power your fall adventures.

As an industry leader, Bluetti continues to advance advances in portable power delivery. This year, the all-new AC2A and AC70 portable power solutions will hit store shelves on November 2nd and promise to deliver exciting new capabilities.

Don't miss the early bird price available on the Bluetti website or Amazon store. However, you must act quickly because with the launch of these systems, the retail price will also change.

Introducing the AC2A: The Convenience of a Portable Generator Expands Your Adventures

Bluetti's first new product is the compact AC2A portable generator, a lightweight solution that can easily be thrown into a backpack, gym bag or suitcase. Or choose a carry handle that makes it self-contained for adventures anywhere.

Compactness, power and accessibility are the hallmarks of AC2A.

Although compact, the AC2A provides a reliable 300W AC output power and up to 600W surge capability. It's the perfect portable power station to keep your MacBook, iPad, drones, cameras, and even medical devices charged and ready to go.

The AC2A offers a decent outlet layout, including two 120V AC outlets, a super-fast 100W USB-C outlet, two 5V USB-A ports, and a 12V DC outlet that… you will find in your car. Plus, you charge your iPhone using the wireless charging pad, keeping all your devices powered.

Storing the AC2A is as easy as portable with four options including AC charging, car charging, lead-acid battery charging, and 200W solar charging. Bring it to 80% in just 45 minutes, or to a full charge in just under an hour and a half.

The AC2A has several improvements over its predecessor, the Bluetti EB3A. AC2A is lighter, more convenient and energy efficient. In addition, the new battery saving technology stops the charging process when fully charged, and you can stop charging at any time.

However, the most significant improvement of the AC2A over the EB3A is the inability to charge dead batteries. When you plug in the AC2A, it's instantly activated, ensuring you'll always have power wherever your fall adventures take you.

The AC2A retails for $179, but AppleInsider fans can get a special bonus discount of $5. To receive bonus savings, enter coupon code checkout during the launch period from November 2nd to November 17th.

Introducing the AC70: a mobile power station for your mobile energy needs

Extend your fall adventures or provide emergency power backup with an updated version of the fan-favorite EB70S— Blueetti AC70 portable generator. The AC70 has a large power rating of 768Wh, 1000W continuous power and 2000W peak power.

Enjoy portable power or backup power with the AC70.

The power the AC70 brings to your portable power station means powering a wider range of appliances and devices. . Enjoy coffee makers, slow cookers, and refrigerators wherever your excursion takes you.

In addition, the 2000 W pulse power supports power-hungry appliances such as heaters and hair dryers. On the AC70, you'll also find two 120V AV outlets, two high-speed USB-C outlets, two 5V USB-A ports, and a 12V DC outlet.

Another advantage the AC70 has over its predecessor is its fast charging capability, giving you the flexibility you need to stay charged. Users can now charge the AC70 using a standard AC plug, car socket, lead-acid battery, or solar charger up to 500W.

Fast charging allows you to charge 80% in 45 minutes, and a full charge in just an hour and a half with 850W AC charging. Likewise, you can fully charge your AC70 in just two hours using pure 500W solar panels.

Other improvements over the EB70S include an integrated charger that eliminates bulky wall units, and Bluetooth app support via the Bluetti app, giving users control over settings and power modes. In addition, the AC70 can serve as a backup power source thanks to the UPS function, which is activated in just 20 ms.

The AC70 will retail for an affordable $499, but AppleInsider readers can get $15 off when you use coupon code AIN70. The code is only available from November 2nd to November 17th, so act quickly to save.

No adventure is off limits when you have reliable power.

Year-round outdoor adventures may require additional equipment, but when you invest in a Blueetti portable power station, you're investing for the long term. . The AC2A and AC70 portable outdoor generators come with LiFePO4 batteries rated for 3000 charge cycles.

Fuel your adventures with Bluetti's portable power supply.

In addition to a reliable battery, Bluetti also offers an extended 5-year warranty. peace of mind for you. Your Bluetti portable power station goes with you wherever you go to provide sustainable, clean and reliable power.

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