Blueetti Black Friday Sneak Peek: All About Doors and Pranks

Bluetti Black Friday Sale


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Bluetti has released details on their Black Friday sales. From November 11, profitable offers have been operating at its power plants.

Black Friday is just around the corner. and with it the biggest sales of the year. To kick off the holiday shopping period, Bluetti is offering discounts on its power plants as well as exclusive gifts, lucky draws and mystery boxes to purchase.

AC500 and B300S

Initially released on Indiegogo on September 1st, the AC500 proved to be very popular offer, and by October 30, he had managed to raise over $11 million.

Picking up where the AC300 left off, the AC500 is capable of delivering 5,000W of continuous power with 10,000W of peak power. This means that it can easily power most powerful appliances.

Bluetti AC500 and B300S

There is potential for increased storage capacity due to its modular design as it can be connected to additional B300S or B300 batteries. . When connected to six B300S units, the system can hold up to 18,432 Wh of charge.

It can also support 5000W power input from a wall outlet for recharging, as well as up to 3000W when used with solar panels and other charging options. Since you can use both devices at the same time to recharge, you can recharge the AC500 with two B300S batteries from 0% to 80% within an hour, reducing downtime.

Typically starting at $5,099, the AC500 and B300S save $600, so you can get a system starting at $4,499.

AC300 and B300

The AC300 modular module has a built-in 3000W inverter. as well as 16 sockets, which gives you the opportunity to connect many different devices to it.

You can connect additional 3072 Wh B300 batteries to the AC300 to increase its capacity, with four batteries connected providing a larger capacity of 12,288 Wh. That's a significant amount, whether it's for use as a home backup power system, for camping in style, or for completely unplugging.

Bluetti AC300 and B300

The home backup option is very handy if you live in an area with power problems. With the AC300 and B300 connected to your home power outlet, you can use a 700W refrigerator for 3.7 hours without an external power supply, or even a 500W washing machine for more than 5 hours.

With more limited power consumption, you can work longer than with an all-night power outage.

The AC300 and B300 typically start at $3,699 starting price, while the AC300 and B300 start at $700 to $2,999.

AC200MAX and B230

Packed with a 2048Wh LiFePO4 battery and a 2200W inverter, the AC200Max is already a great power source, but it can also be expanded with B300 and B230 batteries. If you connect a pair of B230 batteries to it, the system can reach a maximum capacity of 6,144 Wh.

Bluetti AC200Max

The AC200Max also offers a choice of 16 ports for use with control accessed via the touch screen interface as well as via the Bluetti app. Yes, you can remotely monitor power consumption, monitor battery status, and adjust settings from your iPhone.

Originally $3,298 saves $499 on the AC200Max with discounts starting at $2,799.


AC200P combines a 2000W AC inverter with 4800W peak power and a 2000Wh LiFePO4 battery . a single whole. Versatility: 17 outlets to power your devices while camping or working outdoors.

The AC200P can also be powered by seven charging methods, including 1100W AC+Solar Dual Charging. If you need more battery capacity, you can also connect B230 or B300.

Bluetti is offering the AC200P starting at $1,299, down $400 from the regular price of $1,699.

EP500 and EP500 Pro

moves around, the EP500 and EP500 Pro are excellent choices with 5100 Wh of power in a wheeled unit. The EP500 can deliver up to 2000W and the Pro up to 3000W, so you can power most items in the house without too much trouble.

Bluetti EP500

It is possible to connect a pair of identical devices if you need more voltage or power, and they can be used in a 240V 4000W two-phase system . They can also be used as fail-safe devices with a UPS function to prevent loss of data or service life due to a power outage or full blackout.

The EP500 starts at $4,399, which is $600 less than the regular price of $4,999. The EP500Pro starts at $4,799, saving $1,200 over the regular price of $5,999.

Portable Power Stations

Bluetti also offers compact EB series power stations, ideal for campers and hobbyists. nature who need energy in the wild. The EB3A, EB55 and EB70S have similar specifications, including an LFP battery that remains at 80% of its original capacity after 2500 cycles.

They all also have an inverter that produces pure sine wave energy for sensitive devices, a built-in MPPT controller to support 200W solar charging, and multiple charging methods. They all even have 15W wireless charging on top and a built-in flashlight with SOS mode.

The 10-pound EB3a is highly portable yet delivers 600W of power and can handle a 1200W surge. It can also be recharged with a 430W AC dual charger and a solar panel, which takes approximately an hour and a half, and it supports the Bluetti app for remote control.

The EB3A was $299 but starts at $209 with a $90 savings.

Bluetti EB70S

With a capacity of 537Wh, the EB55 can deliver 700W and 1400W peak power. Although compact, it still offers 13 power output options and supports 400W AC + solar dual charging.

Bluetti is selling the EB55 for $399, saving $100 from the regular price of $499.

Can power up to 12 devices simultaneously, 800W, 716Wh The EB70S can power a 75W TV for over 8 hours on a single charge. If you have a 90W mini fridge, it can keep food cold for over 6.5 hours.

The EB70S starts at $499, $100 less than the $599.

Solar panels

Besides power plants, Bluetti also offers solar panel discounts that can help you produce free and clean energy while camping away from home or in an emergency.

Solar panels are always good for offline charging.

Despite the fact that all solar panels vary in size, weight and power, they are all made of non-crystalline elements, the efficiency of which reaches 23.4%. In addition, they are all ETFE-coated and IP65 rated junction box, so they can withstand any load and can also be folded for easy transport.

Even More Perks

In addition to saving on power plant deals, Bluetti also offers a number of other surprises for buyers.

Anyone who spends more than $1,000 on the official Bluetti website from November 11 00:00 AM PT to November 29 11:59 PM PT will be eligible to enter a draw where they can win one from prizes. EB3a, PS70, AC50S solar generators, $50 to $100 coupons and other gifts are up for grabs.

There are additional gifts for other spending thresholds, such as a mini-fridge for a $5,000 purchase.

Mystery Boxes will also be offered in Basic, Pro and Premium versions. There is no limit to the number of mystery boxes, and there is a chance that you can get a portable generator at random.

For example, a $199 Pro Mystery Box might have a cable, but it could also have a $900 700 Wh solar generator.

All Black Friday deals are limited in time and will be valid until November 30th.

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