Best NYC Subway Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022

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When it comes to visiting the Big Apple, getting on the train is inevitable. With your iPhone and the appropriate app, this is easy to figure out.

In this article, we've downloaded and tested two popular NYC Subway apps and compared them to Maps. There was a clear winner.

New York Subway MTA App

Once downloaded, the New York Subway MTA app will prompt you to choose between the free and VIP version.

New York Subway MTA App

If you're in New York for a few days, paying for the app doesn't make much sense. Save money on a much-needed $6 cappuccino to survive your commute.

The free version is loaded with ads that appear every two seconds. When the wind blows, cooling the sweat that's built up under your coat, and you're jostling in a sea of ​​commuters, removing ads from ads is a needless frustration.

Also, the New York Subway MTA app isn't as user-friendly as the map interface itself looks like one of the old paper maps your father used in a prehistoric age without technology. Take a screenshot of the NYC subway map from Google Images and it will do just as much good for you.

New York Subway MTA

The New York Subway MTA app will run on any iPhone running iOS 14 or later and is 72MB in size. . It costs $25.99 for a one-time purchase. In addition, there is a subscription for $9.99 per year or $3.99 per month. Free version available (with ads).

New York City Subway App

The following is an app called New York City Subway, which is displayed in black and yellow.

New York City Subway App

This app is slightly worse than the New York MTA app and with intrusive Google Chrome ads that make it hard to click. The decisive factor, however, is that the application does not provide maintenance or keep track of closure updates— a big challenge when traveling through the ever-changing New York City. You will find that your time is wasted and your legs are on fire as you are redirected again and again.

New York City Subway App

The New York Subway App will run on any iPhone running iOS 13 or later and is size 21, 4 MB. Free version available (with ads).

Apple Maps

Deprecated New York City MTA and New York City Subway App layouts you're itching for a button removal for both. But Apple has your back.

The best apps are free, run smoothly, and serve you without distraction. When it comes to Apple Maps, it rings true.

Apple Cards

The user interface is clear and understandable. The blue dot indicates your location, and once you enter your destination, Maps will take the fastest route to get there from your exact location, not the nearest station. This is useful, say, if you are in the middle of Central Park and don't know where the nearest station is.

However, the New York Subway MTA and New York City Subway apps will not help you get out of the jungle in real time. Apple Maps is the best choice for people who find it difficult to navigate.

Additionally, Apple Maps allows you to choose different modes of transportation: car, walking, public transportation (bus/subway), cycling, sharing, etc. If it's rush hour and you don't feel like eating sardines on a train next to some guy eating his spicy tuna egg sandwich, you can weigh up whether walking a quarter mile to your destination is really that awful.

Apple Maps

By clicking on public transportation, the app will show you the nearest subway entry points, tell you the lines needed in order to get to destination, and will give you an estimated time of arrival.

An added benefit of using Apple Maps is that the applications interact with each other. Select a ride and Lyft will automatically be created. If you want to see photos of the station, scroll down to find photos and reviews from Yelp.

This is very useful if you are wondering if the pizzeria you have chosen is really the best pizza in town.

Apple Maps will work on any iPhone with iOS 10 or later. Apple Maps is completely free.

Please note that Apple Maps and Google Maps are not the same thing. After trying Google Maps after three blocks, you will probably realize that you were going in the wrong direction. It's not as fun when it's pouring rain and you're late for a business meeting.

Exposure to the external chaos of the city is inevitable. How to avoid inner chaos and cortisol surges — it depends on you. On your next trip to New York, take care and download Apple Maps for the best, most efficient and free experience.

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