Belkin Introduces Continuity Camera Mount for Mac Desktops

Julie Clover

Belkin expands its MagSafe-compatible Continuity camera mount lineup with the release of Belkin's iPhone desktop mount for Macs, which can be installed on iMac models and a variety of displays.

$40 Belkin iPhone Mount Mac desktops complement existing Belkin Continuity Camera Mount available for Mac laptops such as MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The mount is designed to attach to the top of your ‌iMac‌ or an external display and then a compatible MagSafe ‌iPhone‌ can be placed on ‌MagSafe‌ mount.

When connected to a Mac via the ‌iPhone‌ can be used as a webcam for FaceTime and other video applications. Both landscape and portrait modes are available, and the mount allows you to use all the features of the Continuity camera, including Center Stage and Desk View.

The mount is listed as compatible with most external displays and monitors, and also works with a standard tripod screw 1/4″.

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