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Elgato Prompter Review: Game-Changing and Almost Perfect for YouTubers

Elgato prompter (image source: Elgato) 0 Facebook Twitter Reddit Elgato Prompter 4.5/5 Buy You can skip this review and just buy the Elgato Prompter, it's that good. But there are problems, especially if you shoot video on an iPhone. It feels like an all-out rave, almost an unqualified hymn to a device that, if you …


Crime Blotter: Apple Store investigation leads to gym owner's arrest

Carnegie Library Apple Store 0 Facebook Twitter Reddit Washington car thieves reject Android phone with New Hampshire conviction in latest Apple Crime Blotter report iPhone conspiracy and iPhone robbery in the Netherlands. The latest in a series of AppleInsider articles dedicated to the world of crime related to Apple. Man arrested on child pornography charges …


Daily deals December 2: iPhone starting at $114, MacBook Air M2 starting at $949, ​​Asus ROG Ally starting at $399 and more.

Save $150 on MacBook Air M2 Email Facebook Twitter Reddit Today's hottest deals include 30% off mophie 3-magnetic wireless device in 1. $480 AirPods Max Charging Station, 47% Off Heat Storm Phoenix Wi-Fi Warmer. Save 45% on myQ Smart Garage Door Video Keypad and more. Best deals for December 2 Various iPhone models from $113.99 …


Boox Palma Review: A Pint-Size E-Ink Reader You Can Take Anywhere

Boox Palma Electronic Ink Reader 0 Facebook Twitter Reddit Boox Palma 4.0/5 Buy from Boox The Boox Palma offers the bright HD Carta 1200 screen, extended battery life and ease of use in a pocket-sized design that delivers an exceptional e-reading experience. . In the ever-evolving world of technology, e-books have carved out a special …


Ugreen Foldable Kickstand Battery Review: Large Hybrid Battery

Main image of the article 1 Facebook Twitter Reddit Ugreen folding battery stand 3.0/5 Buy on Amazon Ugreen Foldable Kickstand Battery is a massive MagSafe charger and 3-in-1 charger that combines 10,000mAh power, MagSafe fast charging and versatile USB capabilities for convenience on the go. With a new standby mode and the convenience of leaving …