Astropad launches beta version of Slate to control your Mac with iPad and Apple Pencil

Astropad, the developer of Astropad Studio, Luna Display, Rock Paper Pencil and other programs, today introduces its latest product into beta. Offering creators (and everyone) greater input and control flexibility, Astropad Slate turns your iPad into a screenless graphics tablet or Mac trackpad. Here's what it can do.

Astropad announced a beta version of the Slate and today made it available to everyone, turning the iPad into a Wacom tablet and more.

The idea for Slate came about last year when Apple announced new iPads with Apple Pencil pointing. This got us thinking about the traditional screenless graphics tablets that many artists use to begin their creative journey. Can we bring the same to iPad?

Astropad Slate Features

  • Trackpad Use Apple Pencil as a cursor for your Mac.
  • Writing. Turn handwriting on iPad into text on Mac.
  • DrawingUse iPad as a graphics tablet without a screen.
  • Hover: Works with Apple Pencil pointing on new iPad models, simulating pointing. on older iPads.

Keep in mind that this is early beta testing, so Astropad is looking for feedback on how to improve Slate and fix bugs.

Here& #8217 ;how to try for free:

  1. Download the beta version at
  2. Launch the apps. – Open the companion apps on your Mac and iPad and follow the setup instructions.
  3. Connect your Mac and iPad – Connect your devices via Wi-Fi or USB cable. or a peer-to-peer network.

Another convenient option is the ability to use Slate without an Apple Pencil. Watch the announcement video and more detailed demo below:

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