AppleTogether asks about Apple union busting over possible class action

Apple World Trade Center


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After multiple reports of Apple's union busting efforts, AppleTogether campaigners are considering a class action lawsuit and are asking Apple Store employees to report incidents.

Apple continues to oppose unionization in its stores despite complaints of illegal union busting practices. Now organizers of the AppleTogether group, which previously went on strike, say they have a class action lawsuit “in the works.”

The tweet links to a Google Doc containing a basic contact form. “If you believe you are facing unlawful union suppression at Apple, please fill out this form and the organizer will contact you,” the post reads. This is a form of anonymous survey.

“This could include a boss asking you about your support for unionization,” the document continues, “[] a ​​boss telling you that unionization is useless or that certain things can't be changed; bosses who suddenly appear in lounges or side-by-side after the union effort has begun, uploads or side-by-sides where the leader talks about unionizing but doesn't get your permission in the first place, and much more.”

Document also directs workers to Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act, which means that employers are not permitted to “interfere, restrict, or coerce employees.”

Apple has already received at least one complaint against the National Labor Relations Board.


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