Apple's work on VisionOS continues with the release of Beta 5

By Julie Clover

Apple today released the fifth beta version of VisionOS, the software that runs on the Vision Pro headset. The fourth beta came out in early October, meaning it's been almost a month since Apple last released ‌visionOS‌ update.

Vision Pro is currently only available to a limited number of developers with headsets , used for testing applications. Most people don't have access to ‌visionOS‌ beta is outside of Xcode, and it's not entirely clear what Apple is adding to each ‌visionOS‌ update. Apple said that in ‌visionOS‌ App Store will appear. coming soon, and it looks like it may be present in this fifth beta.

Apple allows developers to visit Vision Pro labs around the world, and developers visiting these locations can test Vision Pro in person and get help from Apple engineers. on their ‌visionOS‌ apps.

The Vision Pro headset isn't expected to be released until early 2024, so Apple still has a few months to finalize the hardware and software.

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