Apple's “The Rescue” ad features Satellite SOS

Emergency SOS can save lives


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Apple has shared a new ad on its YouTube channel about a feature exclusive to iPhone 14 models that could help save lives.

The video titled “Rescue” shows a man and a woman lost in the mountains. Using the Emergency SOS feature, they could call emergency services in a helicopter for rescue.

Apple introduced Emergency SOS via satellite in 2022. This requires an iPhone 14 smartphone with the latest iOS 16.1 update released by the company in October.

This feature helps people connect to the Globalstar satellite to contact the nearest emergency services. Due to limited bandwidth, it prompts the user with a series of questions to quickly communicate the type of emergency they are facing. The iPhone 14 then sends a text message to the emergency services.

For emergency services that don't yet work with text messages, the message from the iPhone is relayed to one of Apple's new ground call centers, where employees notify emergency services.

“Providing emergency SOS via satellite is a major breakthrough that will save lives,” said Mark Gilarducci, director of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. “Apple's groundbreaking work to create innovative new solutions to support emergency operators and first responders is a huge step forward in protecting Californians and the general public during an emergency.”

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