Apple's iMessage targeted by EU antitrust authorities equipped with DMA

Should Apple's blue bubbles be covered by the recent European Union Digital Markets Act? That's what the European Commission is investigating, according to people familiar with the matter.

Reuters reports that EU antitrust authorities are currently investigating Apple. and Microsoft regarding iMessage, Bing, Edge and Microsoft Advertising, and whether these services must comply with the new DMA ruling.

The investigation was launched in September after Apple and Microsoft “challenged the E.U.” competition regulator labeling these services as core platform services under the DMA.”

Investigators are determining the importance of iMessage compared to competing messaging services for Apple, according to the report. Antitrust authorities are determining the size of Apple's iMessage user base, whether business users rely on iMessage for anything in particular, and how iMessage fits into Apple's overall business.

Reuters reports that the European Commission hopes to complete its assessment “within five months.” which could mean a decision in January or February.

If Apple is forced to force iMessage to comply with the Digital Markets Act, the messaging service could be subject to new rules for serving EU users.

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