Apple's HomePod with Screen Delayed to Next Year Soon

Tim Hardwick

Apple's project to develop its first HomePod with a screen has been delayed until next year at the earliest as part of a series of cost-cutting and belt-tightening efforts aimed at improving productivity.< /p>

In his latest Power On newsletter, well-connected Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman suggested that the device would allow Apple to channel its R&D budget to more pressing projects like mixed reality headsets.

The move is part of a cost-containment strategy that should allow the company to maintain a semblance of stability in a volatile economy and avoid the drastic cuts and layoffs that have befallen other tech companies. companies including Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Other measures to prevent layoffs include deferring employee bonuses hiring on some teams, limiting budgets and leaving roles open rather than filling them when people leave their seats.

Revised release dates for the rumored HomePod product are in line with a recent analyst forecast Apple Ming-Chi Kuo on the arrival of the updated HomePod with a 7-inch display. in the first half of 2024.

In 2021, Gurman was the first to suggest that Apple is working on new HomePods with displays and cameras. In the long term, Apple is believed to be revisiting its smart home strategy and is reportedly working on an Apple TV and HomePod combo, as well as a HomePod with a screen mounted on a robotic arm.

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