Apple @ Work: 1Password 8 provides MDM support for IT administrators deploying a password manager in their organization.

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Much of Apple's growth in enterprise market share can be attributed to the fantastic hardware and software products it releases every year. However, another important reason why Apple has been able to gain traction in the enterprise is because of its commitment to empowering IT professionals to successfully manage their fleet. If an IT team can't effectively secure, deploy, or manage their fleet of devices, then it doesn't matter how good the devices are or whether the end users like them. The mandate of the IT department requires devices to fit into their ecosystem. Companies developing applications that want to use in the enterprise know that they can more easily reach the large installation base of organizations using Apple products if they can fit into the existing management ecosystem. 1Password recently added MDM support to 1Password 8 on Mac and I want to understand why this is an important update.

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1Password started out as a password management app aimed at consumers back in 2006. I've personally been using it since around 2007 and it's the only app from that period that I still use today. When Apple created the app stores for the iPad and iPhone, 1Password immediately showed up with full-featured apps. When Apple added APIs for password managers to provide more functionality on iOS, 1Password immediately came out with updates. In recent years, 1Password has also become an essential tool in the enterprise. It connects with existing identity providers, and the company aims to help businesses better manage their passwords. With new MDM support, 1Password takes it to the next level of enterprise management.

1Password MDM Support

Fun fact, this feature was hosted by my longtime friend Fraser Speirs. He joined the 1Password team earlier this year after a 15-year career as one of the world's most innovative education leaders. 

< p>Currently, 1Password supports managing 1Password 8 settings on Mac, 1Password 7 on iOS, and 1Password 7 on Android. 

Today I want to focus on Mac as it supports 1Password 8. . Currently, IT admins can control settings such as 

  • Allow Touch ID
  • Allow Apple Watch unlock
  • Allow password disclosure
  • Lock on sleep, splash screen, or user switch
  • Lock on main window close
  • Set auto lock timeout *
    (in minutes)
  • Clear clipboard timeout
  • Enable universal clipboard
  • Check for weak passwords
  • Show app and website icons
  • Automatically check for updates
  • Set release channel (beta, production, or nightly)

With the ability to integrate 1Password into their IdP and now customize how it is used with a device management solution, the company makes it easy for enterprise IT departments to deploy it in a way that makes sense for their organization. 1Password integrates with Azure AD, Google Workspace, Okta, OneLogin and Slack. It also features a beta SSO login for 1Password errors for an even more streamlined process.

9to5Mac’s Take

Putting password managers in the hands of end users that is easy usage, ease of setup, and easy access are critical to an organization's cybersecurity policy. With a strong password manager that includes strong support for multi-factor authentication, end users can use more complex passwords with less hassle. Allowing a company to customize how a password manager is used is a key part of bringing it into the core software stack.

There are many great enterprise password managers out there, including LastPass, Bitwarden, and Dashlane. I'm glad that there are so many great tools available for IT professionals to help end users improve password security. Congratulations to the 1Password MDM team!

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