Apple Watch's atrial fibrillation alert leads to diabetes diagnosis and saves woman's life

Apple Watch

An Oklahoma woman credits her Apple Watch with saving her life after an atrial fibrillation alert led to a visit to the doctor and diagnosis of diabetes.

The Apple Watch may not be able to alert users about blood sugar levels just yet, but it can tell users when a hospital visit may be necessary. Many health problems can be detected by observing changes in heart rhythm, which helps to make a more accurate diagnosis.

According to KSWO and reported by 9to5Mac, Judith Luebke was saved thanks to an Apple Watch alert that forced her to make a quick trip to the doctor. Her condition was so bad that if she hadn't been diagnosed with diabetes that day, she might not have made it to the weekend.

Lübke shared her story ahead of World Diabetes Day on November 14. The events took place in 2021.

“One Friday morning, a notification appeared on my watch that I was at A-FIB,” Judith Luebke said. “I was talking to my boss that morning and I said, ‘You know, I have a meeting this morning. Maybe after this I’ll go to the doctor, maybe I’ll go, maybe I won’t go – maybe I’ll wait.” weekend,” she explained. “And she said, 'You need to go now.'

After a visit to the doctor, Lubke learned that she had diabetes and high sugar levels. These conditions caused the Apple Watch warning to appear.

Her daughter Shannon Bowers also expressed gratitude to Apple Watch and the people in her mother's life for the life-saving diagnosis. If she hadn't been warned and encouraged by the people around her, she might not have made it to the weekend.

Lubke emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook about the event and received a response the same day. He said he was glad to hear her words and even more glad that technology helped save her.

Apple Watch will forever be a part of Judith Lubke's daily life. She said: “It really saved my life.”

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