Apple Watch Ultra with microLED display coming in 2025

Apple Watch Ultra

Rumour assessment   🤔 Possibly

The Apple Watch Ultra display could switch from OLED to microLED in 2025, a source claims, giving consumers a two-year wait before the next big update to the rugged wearable arrives. .

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Ultra 2 during its Wonderlust event on September 12, introducing a largely unchanged but improved version of the original. Now the rumors are turning to future models and future updates.

On Tuesday, Setsuna Digital posted on Weibo that the next update to the Apple Watch Ultra “will focus on a microLED screen (Apple's own design).”


Currently, the Apple Watch Ultra display uses OLED. The microLED display will use miniature LEDs to create a display grid that can be up to 30 times brighter than OLED while also being more energy efficient.

As for the timing, according to the source, this is “expected in 2025.” There is no indication where this information came from, so its reliability remains in question.

Previous rumors indicated that the 2025 release would be pushed back to early 2026. However, initial rumors for 2023 predicted a 2024 release, which itself has been pushed back to 2025, making the timing of the display change difficult to pin down.

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