Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs Apple Watch Ultra – Specs, Price and Features Comparison

Apple has released a new Apple Watch Ultra 2 for extreme athletes

The second generation Apple Watch Ultra offers more performance in a wearable device that looks like the original. Here's how the updated wearable differs from its predecessor.

In 2022, Apple introduced the first Apple Watch Ultra, a rugged device for extreme activities with a different design from other Apple Watch models. The company announced the next generation in September 2022, calling it Apple Watch Ultra 2.

They have an updated display, a new processor and other internals, and a new way for users to interact with them. The new device is also carbon neutral as Apple works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its materials, electricity and transportation.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Apple Watch Ultra – characteristics

Specifications Apple Watch Ultra Apple Watch Ultra 2
Price (starting) $799.00 $799.00 USA
Dimensions 49 mm 49 mm
Display Always-on Retina LTPO OLED
Up to 2000 nits
Always-on Retina LTPO OLED
Up to 3000 nits
Case materials Titanium Titanium
Processor S8 SiP S9 SiP
Health sensors Temperature
Blood oxygen
Electrical heart sensor
Third generation optical heart sensor
Blood oxygen
Electrical heart sensor
Third generation optical heart sensor
Waterproof 100 meters 100 meters
Battery life Up to 36 hours Up to 36 hours
Charging Wireless Wireless
Connectivity LTE
Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)
Bluetooth 5.3
U1 Ultra Wideband
Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)
Bluetooth 5.3
2nd generation Ultra Wideband
Other sensors Emergency SOS
Fall Detection
Collision Detection
Always On Altimeter
Emergency SOS
Fall Detection
Collision Detection
Always On Altimeter
Colors Natural Titanium Natural Titanium

Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs Apple Watch Ultra – case sizes, materials and weight

The dimensions of both versions remained unchanged. Apple is introducing both versions of the Apple Watch Ultra in a 49mm format, which is larger than other models in the Apple Watch series.

They are made of titanium, which provides durability and corrosion resistance, which is the norm for a rugged device.

As for other physical characteristics of the Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Ultra 2, both devices have the same size and weight. The watch measures 49 x 44 x 14.4mm, maintaining a substantial yet comfortable size to match the unique range of features the devices offer.

Because they can be used while swimming, the increased water resistance of both devices complies with the ISO 22810 standard up to 100 meters. Apple also says they can be used for recreational scuba diving at depths of up to 40 meters.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Apple Watch Ultra – Display

While the Apple Watch Ultra has up to 2,000 nits of brightness for its Retina LTPO Always-On OLED display, the Ultra 2 has up to 3,000 nits of brightness. What's more, the display can dim its brightness to just one nit to avoid disturbing others in the dark.

The Modular Ultra watch face is a notable addition that uses a large display to display real-time data at the farthest edge. It offers the most complications of any Apple digital watch to date.

Each Apple Watch Ultra variant features a crisp 410 x 502 pixel display resolution, delivering crisp, vibrant images for a better user experience. High resolution ensures detailed and clear visualization of text, images and other content on the watch screen.

New modular watch face on Apple Watch Ultra 2

The updated display structure expands the flashlight capabilities on Apple Watch Ultra 2, allowing users to rotate the Digital Crown to increase brightness in twice to instantly improve lighting.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs Apple Watch Ultra – Processor

After using the S8 on the first Apple Watch Ultra, Apple updated the processor or system in package (SiP) on the Apple Watch Ultra 2 with the S9 chip. The S9 enables on-device Siri, which can privately and securely receive and record health data.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 features an updated quad-core Neural Engine that performs machine learning operations up to two times faster than its predecessor.

What's more, the accuracy of the dictation feature on Apple Watch Ultra 2 has increased by 25% thanks to the S9 chip. This enhancement ensures more accurate voice-to-text translation, improving the user experience and enabling faster response times.

The Ultra Wideband processor chip in Apple Watch Ultra 2 has been updated to the second generation version, which improves the accuracy of determining the location of a nearby iPhone.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs. Apple Watch Ultra – Health and Fitness

The two Apple Watch Ultra models feature health and fitness features for athletes and others. The orange action button on the side of each model lets you start your workout instantly.

For events like triathlons and duathlons, or any activity that involves a combination of swimming, cycling, or running, watchOS 9's Multisport workout feature later includes automatic detection to seamlessly transition between different workouts. Apple Watch Ultra models have enough battery life to carry most users through a long triathlon.

New modular watch face [left] and dive interface [right]

Action button can start workouts and make it easier to move on to the next stage of individual training workout or the next step of the Multisport exercise. Additionally, it can be used to mark out segments to optimally predict pace and distance for runners.

The Oceanic+ app on both models enables recreational scuba diving and freediving by providing users with important data such as depth and elapsed time while freediving, as well as target depth alerts.

With watchOS and physical sensors, both Apple Watch Ultra models can record mental health using the Mindfulness app, track temperature so women can understand their menstrual cycle using the Cycle Tracking app, measure blood oxygen levels, and do tests. Wrist ECG and sleep stage monitoring.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs Apple Watch Ultra – battery and storage

The Apple Watch Ultra battery can last up to 36 hours when connected to Wi-Fi or up to 18 hours when connection to a cellular network. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 has the same battery life of 36 hours with “normal” use, but can extend that to 72 hours in Low Power mode.

The all-day battery life claim is based on the following usage patterns: 180 times checking the time, receiving 180 notifications, using apps for 90 minutes, and exercising for 60 minutes while gaming. music via Apple Watch via Bluetooth – all within 36 hours.

Battery life was tested in tests conducted by Apple using pre-production Apple Watch Ultra models equipped with GPS and cellular connectivity and connected to an iPhone.

In addition, Apple Watch Ultra 2 has a storage capacity of 64 GB, which is double the storage capacity of the 32 GB Apple Watch Ultra. Increased storage lets you store more apps, music, and other media directly on Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Apple Watch Ultra – other features

Apple Watch Ultra 2 gives users a new way to interact and control their wearable devices without touching the display. When users double-pinch their thumb and index finger, they can open Smart Stack from the watch face, answer calls, scroll through widgets, and enable other features.

This feature, based on the advanced Neural Engine in the S9 chip, uses a new machine learning algorithm to analyze data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and optical heart sensor. The algorithm identifies patterns of subtle wrist movements and changes in blood flow that occur when you double tap with your thumb and index finger.

The S9 chip also introduces the Siri assistant with the ability to work autonomously. As long as the user's query doesn't require information from the Internet, Siri can offer quick and reliable answers, such as accessing health data, setting timers, and starting workouts.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs Apple Watch Ultra – price

The original Apple Watch Ultra cost $799. Thankfully, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 has retained the same price of $799, despite new features and updated components on the device.

However, like other older products, Apple no longer sells the original Apple Watch Ultra directly. The updated section of the online store doesn't even have them, at least at the time of writing, but that may change.

Even though Apple will switch to only the Apple Watch Ultra 2 in retail and online, third-party sellers will still have supplies of the first-generation model for some time.

Each Apple Watch variant comes exclusively in natural titanium. There are no alternatives either in color or material of the Apple Watch itself.

A wide variety of bands are available, including the Alpine Loop “for outdoor adventures,” the Trail Loop for general training, and the Ocean Band designed for water sports and recreational diving. All of them are available in different colors.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs Apple Watch Ultra – what to buy

Despite some improvements, the new Apple Watch Ultra 2 will likely not be necessary for all Apple Watch Ultra users. Some Options to consider are a brighter display, more storage, and a low-power mode.

The Apple Watch Ultra is a feature-rich smartwatch that has most of the same features as the second-generation model. Its display, health and fitness features, and battery life are commendable, and for many, these features will still be more than enough for daily use.

Double-tap gesture used on Apple Watch Ultra 2

Unless users have unique needs that can only be met by Apple Watch Ultra 2, they are unlikely to miss out on most features if they stick with the first-generation model.

If you're considering a first-time purchase or upgrading from the standard Apple Watch line, there's little reason to go with an older model than the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra. This is a premium model, so potential buyers won't necessarily be interested in the cost savings of finding a first-generation model.

The second generation Apple Watch Ultra is the best example of Apple's work in the laptop business. He may fall into the trap of second-generation Apple devices being iterations of the first without fully introducing new features, but for the audience he's looking for, the latest version shouldn't do that.

Where to buy Apple Watch Ultra 2

Apple Watch Ultra 2 is available for pre-order from Apple and will go on sale September 22.

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