Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 now have incredible local storage

Apple doesn't talk much about the Apple Watch's built-in storage, but the new Series 9 and Ultra 2 have it. a lot of this. In fact, the new Apple Watch doubles the already large amount compared to previous versions.

Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 are the first. models with 64 GB memory. This is the first storage upgrade for the Apple Watch since the Apple Watch Series 5 moved to 32GB.

Apple Watch originally launched with 8GB of storage, which doubled to 16GB in Series 3 (cellular only) and Series 4. Apple's newest smartwatch now has 8 times the original capacity.

>What to do with 64 GB on Apple Watch? There's definitely plenty of room for plenty of offline music, podcasts, audiobooks, and plenty of Apple Watch apps for you to find. On-device storage is also useful for synced photos, audio workouts, and system updates.

In the past, the storage issue only occurred when non-cellular Apple Watch Series 3 users needed to upgrade to the 8GB version of watchOS.

For comparison, on watches 32 and up GB has seemed like a solved problem for the past four years, but hey, we're not complaining about such generous memory growth. This is another difference between the Series 8/Ultra and Series 9/Ultra 2, which are otherwise quite similar.

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