Apple Watch glucose tracker appoints Apple Silicon executive to lead project

Apple Watch Offers Important Health Tracking Features


Apple Vice President of Platform Architecture, responsible for Apple Silicon development , Tim Millett, has been named project lead for the Apple Watch glucose tracker.

Glucose monitoring is the holy grail of wearable technology that Apple has been striving for for years. If this becomes a reality, it could become an essential product for people with diabetes.

Apple has named a new head of its glucose monitoring project after months without a dedicated leader, according to a Bloomberg report. Tim Millett, Apple's vice president of platform architecture, has been appointed to this position.

Internally, this team is called the Exploratory Design Group, which works on lunar projects at Apple. The group's previous leader was scientist Bill Athas, who died at the end of 2022.

The report states that Apple has been developing technology to measure blood glucose levels since 2011. The technology will use a range of sensors to detect glucose levels using lasers and machine learning algorithms.

Because this technology will rely heavily on miniaturization and advanced chipset design, Tim Millett is considered an ideal fit for the team. He oversaw the transition of Apple Silicon from Intel processors to M-series processors and worked at Apple for approximately 19 years.

It may be many years before the Apple Watch or other wearable devices introduce non-invasive glucose monitoring. However, if Apple can stay ahead of the competition with this technology, the Apple Watch will become an even more essential health product.

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