Apple Watch Double Tap, Apple/Google Search Agreement Trial, iPhone 15 Overheating Problem

Benjamin and Chance take a look at the Apple Watch Double Tap and all the changes in the latest iOS 17.1 beta, summing up the iPhone 15 fiasco #overheatinggate, dive into Google's ongoing trial, which is revealing all sorts of details about Apple's search deal, and discuss why Formula 1 is a good target for Apple's sports broadcasting ambitions.

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  • Apple says it is preparing a software update that will solve overheating problems with the iPhone 15.
  • Apple releases iOS 17.0.3 with a fix for iPhone 15 overheating issues.
  • Does iOS 17.0.3 slow down iPhone 15 Pro prevent overheating?
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max rear glass cracked in seconds in new durability test [Video]
  • Does the iPhone 15 Pro Max bend and crack easily? Consumer Reports says no.
  • Bloomberg: Apple held talks with Microsoft to acquire Bing in 2020
  • Apple mulled replacing Google with DuckDuckGo as default search engine in Safari private browsing
  • Apple has a next-generation search engine called Pegasus, but don't expect it to have a Google Search competitor just yet.
  • Eddie Cue defends Google's search deal despite privacy concerns: “iPhone is a much more private device than Android.”
  • Apple Watch Series 9 double-tap feature now available in watchOS 10.1 beta.
  • iOS 17.1 finally This allows you to select the album to be used for the Photo Shuffle lock screen.
  • >

  • Report: Apple is considering a huge bid for global Formula 1 broadcast rights.
  • Screenwriters finally end their strike , streamers have agreed to bonus payments for their most popular shows.
  • Netflix's price hikes will come as they continue. Actors' strike ended

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