Apple warns Amazon about sexually explicit Kindle content available to children

Julie Clover

Both Apple and Alphabet approached Amazon to improve content moderation for their Kindle app after it was discovered that children could use the app to access sexual images, according to Reuters.

The Amazon Kindle platform sells adult-oriented books with photos that are not suitable for children. Reuters. Parents purchased Kindle Unlimited for their pre-teen kids because it had age-appropriate books that weren't available in a standalone Amazon Kids+ subscription.

Kindle Unlimited also offers books with full-color nude photos that kids could download for free and without parental verification because Kindle Unlimited provides all content for one subscription price of $10 per month. Books are self-published using the Kindle service's direct publishing feature, which allows authors to instantly publish their books and make them available through Kindle Unlimited.

Apple did not provide details about its communication with Amazon, but the company told Reuters: ” We have shared these concerns with the developer and are working with them to ensure their app meets our guidelines.” Apple has also changed the age rating of the Kindle app from 4 and up to 12.

App Store policies do not allow apps that contain “sexually explicit or pornographic material” and app developers are “responsible for moderating user-generated content on its platforms.”

Google also stated that it has contacted Amazon and that Google Play does not allow apps that contain or promote sexual content, while Amazon said that it “is reviewing all available information and taking action based on her findings. Amazon has stated that it is “committed to providing safe shopping and reading” for customers and their families.

Kindle Unlimited does not currently offer parental controls, and Amazon has yet to introduce one. changes in the Kindle or Kindle Unlimited app.

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