Apple Wallet's new bank account feature is likely to expand to the US

By Joe Rossignol

Starting with iOS 17.1 beta released this week, iPhone users in the UK can add debit and credit cards from select UK banks to the Wallet app and view available balances and recent transactions on those accounts.

Apple calls this feature “Connected Maps” and it's currently only available in the UK , but there is now reason to believe it will expand to the US in the future.

As software researcher Aaron (@aaronp613) discovered, the following fine print appears in the Wallet app when setting up this feature in the UK:

You authorize Apple (Apple Payments Services Ltd (UK) or Apple Processing LLC (US)) to consolidate your account information and provide it to you. We do not store or share this information.

Based on this fine print, MacRumors found a legal document on Apple's website that explicitly mentions that the connected maps feature will eventually be available Residents of the United States, and personal data that will be processed by Apple Processing LLC:

If you are located in the United States, Connected Cards are provided by Apple Processing LLC; If you're in the UK, Connected Cards is provided by Apple Payment Services Ltd (collectively, “Apple”).

It's unclear when Connected Cards will launch in the US or which banks will be participating in the country. In the UK, the feature builds on the country's open banking system, but it's unclear how it would work in the US. Earlier this year, the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said it expects to finalize an open banking rule in 2024.

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