Apple Wallet app now shows Discover credit card balances

Julie Clover

USA Discover users who add their credit cards to Apple Wallet can now see their card's total balance and transaction history right on iPhone with iOS 17.1 beta 3, released today.

A limited number of credit cards previously supported full transaction history, such as American Express, but total credit card balance not available.

Apple in the initial beta version of iOS 17.1 began allowing ‌iPhone‌ UK users can view their bank and credit card balances in the Wallet app. UK banks support Apple's Open Banking API to integrate with the Wallet app, and this feature is much more accessible to UK users. Barclays, Monzo, Starling, HSBC, Lloyds and RBS support card balances in the Wallet app.

Following the release of the banking feature in the UK, MacRumors discovered this code in iOS 17.1 and pointed to links on Apple's website. that the feature would be extended to the United States, which turned out to be true.

Apple will likely partner with other US banks and lending institutions as the launch of iOS 17.1 approaches.

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