Apple Vision Pro Labs Coming to New York and Sydney in November

Apple Vision Pro

Apple has expanded its Apple Vision Pro development labs to two more cities, New York and Sydney, starting in November.

Developers who don't have access to development kits can still practice in Apple's Vision Pro labs. However, the developers complained about the lack of laboratories, especially since there was only one in the United States on the west coast.

This was corrected with a statement from Apple on Tuesday. Apple Vision Pro Developer Labs will arrive in New York and Sydney on November 6th.

Developers can apply to participate in Apple Vision Pro Labs to gain useful information about building spatial computing applications. Some developers have been promoting the labs on Apple's behalf, praising them for getting the right development space on the platform.

Apple Vision Pro is a new platform that will not be available until early 2024. Until then, developers will have to build apps for the platform using the VisionOS simulator on Mac.

However, since VisionOS is a 3D platform driven by eye tracking and gestures, it is difficult for developers to get an idea of ​​how their application will perform without hardware. Development kits are difficult to obtain and require non-disclosure agreements and security measures, so the easiest route to access Apple Vision Pro is through labs.

Apple offers Apple Vision Pro Labs in eight cities: Cupertino, New York, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney. Those wishing to participate can send an application to the laboratory.

Apple Vision Pro will be available in early 2024 for $3,499.

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