Apple Vision Pro has a 100Hz refresh rate to combat flickering light.

Apple Vision Pro optical inserts

Rumour assessment   🤯 Probably

Apple Vision Pro will be able to support frame rates up to 100Hz, as revealed by code links in the latest VisionOS developer beta.

Apple originally said that Apple's mixed reality headset would offer a refresh rate of around 90Hz. If the code references are correct, the embedded screens can be much higher than this.

Links supposedly from the VisionOS developer beta spotted by @M1Astra on the X mention that there are different refresh rates at the top of the range. The images mention 90Hz, 96Hz, and 100Hz refresh rate modes.

Apple previously said in July that displays inside the headset could refresh at 90Hz, although when viewing content at 24 frames per second it could be automatically bumped up to 96Hz. Now the links indicate that 100Hz is also possible.

The note mentions “Tuning at 100 Hz to compensate for detected 50 Hz flicker from artificial lighting” which refers to European electrical systems operating at 50 Hz. This setting will minimize flicker phenomena observed when using an inappropriate camera frame rate, such as when shooting an environment with 50 Hz lighting using a 60 Hz camera.

This is confirmed by another link to “Passthrough_50Hz_Flicker_Detected”.

Other references include “Exclude_Fan_Blur”, “Low_Light_Detected” and reduction to “half speed” due to “thermal softening” and higher or lower display frequency.

When you're on the road, “travel mode always requires 90Hz,” which likely allows for natural light from the Sun.

Rumour assessment



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