Apple Vision Pro employee training will begin at the very beginning of 2024

Apple Vision Pro

Rumour assessment   🤯 Probably

Apple will begin training its retail employees on Apple Vision Pro in the “early months” of 2024 in preparation for the release of the mixed reality headset.

Apple has repeatedly said that the Apple Vision Pro headset will arrive sometime in early 2024, but is not sure when it will become available. It now appears that it may launch later in the period rather than closer to the start of the year.

According to Mark Gurman in the “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, Apple sent out a memo to retail employees asking them to apply for a “product training event.” The event is expected to focus on employee training on the Apple Vision Pro and sales procedures for the device.

“Selected team members will travel and participate in an event in Cupertino, California, at some point in the early months of 2024,” the note said. “Upon returning to their home store, they will provide training and ongoing support to store team members.”

The memo added that this is a “group opportunity for those who are deeply passionate about demonstrating Apple products and teaching others.” An application and interview process will be conducted to select those who will undertake the trip.

While there is no specific timeline proposed for the launch of Apple Vision Pro, the existence of an employee training event at least helps. Employees need time to train others in their stores, meaning the launch could happen months out of the year.

Apple's Vision Pro launch will apparently include dedicated hands-on training areas at flagship retail locations, while other stores will receive two demo units each. In-store activities will obviously include order picking, including installation of selected rings, light seals and prescription lenses.

Rumour assessment



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