Apple uses very old devices in iPhone 15 event video – and omits one of them

Detect the iSight window in the background

Hidden in the background of many moments of the Apple iPhone 15 presentation were familiar old products, but there were also a very surprising omission.

Apple likes to make it seem like people are actually working on presentations in the middle of the office. We may never know if this is true, or if each of them is just a set like we saw, with living rooms and kitchens.

But whether it was the decorations or the carefully tidied up real office, this time we got to see more than usual. You always had to look behind the presenters or at the edge of the frame, but if you did, you could catch the famous Apple devices.

Apple discusses A17 processor design

About 64 minutes In the iPhone 15 launch video, Apple takes us to a fairly wide, open-plan area to listen to Sribalan Santhanam, vice president of Silicon Engineering Group, detail the benefits of the A17 processor.

But if you look at the far wall at the very beginning, when the camera pans into the room, you'll see the original Bondi Blue iMac on a shelf.

Even highlighted in red, it's hard to see that the original iMac is here

You'll actually have to look for the next one because it starts right at the edge of the frame and then closes quickly. But it appears to be a Macintosh SE, possibly a Macintosh SE/30.

Either Macintosh SE or Macintosh SE/30

Later, as he crosses the room, he passes a table with an iPhone in the subject. Although it's not entirely clear, it appears to be an original iPhone.

Looks like the original iPhone on the table

Behind the camera

Then, around the 72-minute mark, we join Misha Shchepanovich, Apple's director of optical engineering, as he talks about the iPhone 15 Pro's camera systems.

And he does this while walking past what looks like an iSight camera package. It was discontinued by Apple around 2008.

Appropriately blurry, that's the iSight camera in the background

A year earlier, in 2007, Apple also discontinued the iPod Hi-Fi system. This is where you would have inserted your iPod into the top of the speaker system, and now we know Apple has kept one of these.

Apple has kept at least one iPod Hi-Fi

No photo

While there may have been even more of these famous artifacts around Apple Park and in the video, there was one striking omission.

In the past, whenever we looked into these seemingly real workstations at Apple, there were scores of Mac Pros sitting on the floor next to the desks.

They were not in the video from this year's event. Instead, there was a Mac Studio on every desk.

Perhaps this is proof that these are real jobs — and that the new Mac Pro is not up to the task.

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