Apple updates Studio Display firmware to enable new camera features

Today, along with releasing macOS Sonoma to the general public, Apple also introduced a new firmware version for Studio Display. Apple says this Studio Display update includes camera changes as well as other stability improvements.

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Apple says today's Studio Display update brings “zooming, re-centering, and manual cropping to the built-in camera.” This gives users more control over the Studio Display's 12MP ultra-wide camera, which enables Center Stage support.

Apple also says this update brings “minor stability improvements” to the overall performance of the Studio Display.


You can manage Studio Display firmware versions via a Mac connected to the monitor. You can check if the update is available by going to System Preferences > General > Software update. It may also appear at the top of the sidebar in System Preferences. 

Please note that updating the Studio Display 17 firmware requires that the Mac connected to the display be running the latest version of macOS Sonoma.

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