Apple unveils new karaoke-like “Apple Music Sing” feature to launch this month

Apple Music is expanding its popular real-time lyrics feature with a brand new karaoke-style mode. Dubbed Apple Music Sing, this new feature “allows users to sing along to their favorite songs with adjustable vocals and real-time lyrics.” Apple Music Sing integrates directly into the Music app, making it “fun and easy for everyone.”

Apple Music Sing is a new way to hum, rap, jam, or sing along to millions of your favorite songs. New and improved step-by-step lyrics make it even easier to follow the music. Fully adjustable vocals allow you to duet with the original artist, sing solo or mix them.

Apple Music Sing was announced in a press release today. This feature includes a number of different options, ranging from adjustable vocals, traditional karaoke-like backing vocals, and duet viewing. See the full details below:

  • Adjustable vocals:  users can now control the level of vocals in a song. They can sing along with the artist's original vocals, take the lead, or mix millions of songs in the Apple Music catalog.
  • Real-time Lyrics: Users can sing along to their favorite songs with animated lyrics that dance to the rhythm of the vocals.
  • Backing Vocals: Vocals performed at the same time can animate independently of the main vocals to make it easier for users to follow.< /li>
  • Duet: Multiple vocalists are shown on opposite sides of the screen to make it easier to sing along to duets or multi-singer tracks. 

Oliver Schusser, Apple VP of Apple Music and Beats, explained:

“The ability to listen to Apple Music lyrics has consistently been one of the most popular features on our service,” said Oliver Schusser, vice president of Apple Music and Apple Music. Blows. “We already know that our users around the world love to follow their favorite songs, so we wanted to further develop this offering to provide even more engagement with music through singing. It's a lot of fun, our customers will love it.”

With Apple Music Sing. Apple says Apple Music will add a set of over 50 special companion playlists featuring all the epic songs, duets, choruses and anthems that have made people around the world sing. ”

The launch of Apple Music Sing will support “tens of millions of songs” There are no details about the specific directory, but we assume it is related to Dolby Atmos-enabled songs. This is because Apple has the basics of these songs, which allows you to control the volume of the vocals.

Apple Music Sing will be available later this month to Apple Music subscribers worldwide. This feature is supported on iPhone and iPad models and the new Apple TV 4K. We're still waiting for full details, but this seems to mean that Apple Music Sing won't be available on previous generation Apple TV models.

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