Apple unveils 90-minute “Study With Me” video to promote MacBook Air

Apple expands into a new video category on YouTube, debuting 90-minute Learn with Me 8221; video. The video features actress and USC student Storm Reid, and Apple says the goal is to “get you focused on your studies without distractions.”

The 90-minute video uses the Pomodoro technique to add breaks between 25-minute study sessions, and plays low-quality music throughout the study sessions. It might seem strange for Apple to release a video like this, but Learn with Me is what you need. videos are incredibly common on sites like YouTube and TikTok.

Program “Study with me”” The video is intended to promote the 15-inch MacBook Air, but notably, the video itself contains no advertising or promotion. Instead, Apple advertises the laptop in the video description:

A 90-minute Study With Me video featuring Storm Reid to help you focus. on studying and away from distractions. Storm uses the Pomodoro technique: three 25-minute study sessions followed by fun 5-minute breaks that you can repeat or use as inspiration for your own break. She studies using a 15-inch MacBook Air, listening to relaxing lo-fi music to stay focused, and some of her favorite relaxation techniques.

Storm uses the new MacBook Air with a 15-inch Liquid Retina display and M2. chip. It's a powerful tool for multitasking, no matter what you're studying. It has up to 18 hours of battery life (battery life varies depending on usage), six speakers for immersive spatial audio, and is available in four colors. Storm's color is starlight.

You can check out Apple's new “Study With Me” app. video below. Whether Apple plans more videos as part of this series remains to be seen, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens.

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