Apple TV+ show The Trouble with Jon Stewart reportedly canceled

Tim Hardwick

Apple TV+ show “The Trouble with Jon Stewart” has been canceled due to “creative differences” between Stewart and Apple executives, The New York Times reports.

The show's staff was informed of its end on Thursday, just a couple of weeks before the series began, according to several people familiar with the situation. a third season was planned to begin.

The editorial disagreement reportedly centered on some of the “Problem”'s scheduled guests, as well as the show's potential themes related to China and artificial intelligence, which have been causing concern among Apple executives. Apple did not respond to the NYT's request for comment.

In 2020, Apple entered into a multi-year deal with the writer, producer and former “The Daily Show” host, which brought Stewart back to television following his 2015 retirement.

The show's title, “The Trouble with Jon Stewart,” is a reference to the issues Stewart explored in the new current affairs series, with topics across the 20 episodes varying from what's being discussed in the country. to issues that are part of Stewart's advocacy work.

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