Apple suspends advertising on X after recent Elon Musk scandal

By Julie Clover

Apple is suspending all advertising on social network X, formerly known as Twitter, Axios reports. The decision was made after Musk's anti-Semitic remarks on Wednesday.

After advertisers left X After Musk took control of the social network, Apple continued to pay for commercials and became one of Twitter's largest advertising partners. Back in March, Musk thanked Apple for its support, calling the company one of Twitter's “biggest advertisers.”

Apple temporarily suspended advertising on Twitter back in November 2022, prompting Musk to lash out and ask if Apple hated “freedom” words”. Musk also claimed that Apple had threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store and said he would “make an alternative phone” if the social network was ultimately shut down.

The dispute was resolved after Musk met with Cook at Apple Park later that same year, after which Musk stated that Apple never actually threatened to remove Twitter from the ‌App Store‌ and that it was a “misunderstanding”. Ultimately, Musk called it a “good conversation” and Apple then “fully resumed” advertising. Reports in 2022 suggested that Apple spends more than $100 million a year on Twitter advertising.

Given Musk's latest comments and evidence that X is running Apple ads alongside pro-Hitler content, it's unclear whether there will be Whether Apple is convinced to resume advertising again sometime in the future. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in September that Apple is “continuously” evaluating whether it's worth it for Apple to buy advertising on the social network.

Apple isn't the only company ditching advertising on Twitter. This week, IBM said it was removing advertising, and the European Union also no longer plans to advertise on the social network. Earlier today, the White House condemned Musk's comments, and X employees told The New York Times that it had received calls from other companies unhappy with Musk.

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