Apple Stores Around the World Reach Out (RED) for World AIDS Day


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Celebrating World AIDS Day on December 1st, hundreds of Apple Stores are adding (PRODUCT)RED display cases and merchandise displays, and Apple is promoting online books on theme, application and video.

Apple has partnered with (RED) to support the Global AIDS Fund since 2006. A portion of the profits from bright red versions of Apple products goes to the fund.

To commemorate World AIDS Day 2022, Apple announced more than a quarter of a billion dollars in Apple-supported grants. It's unclear how much of that amount comes directly from Apple, but the company says more than 11 million people have already supported the grants.

He has distributed more than 197 million HIV tests and has helped more than five million HIV-positive mothers prevent transmission of the virus to their children.

“For the past 16 years,” Apple said in a statement, “Apple and its customers have been part of the global fight against AIDS.”

“Apple's partnership with (RED) supports the Global Fund, which provides access to health services for millions of people in the most needy communities in sub-Saharan Africa,” he continues, “including critical work in rural areas “. communities, as well as support for pregnant women and their families.”

“In honor of World AIDS Day,” the company said, “Apple is offering new ways for customers to continue supporting the Global Fund and raise awareness and learn more about the fight against HIV/AIDS.” .”

  • App Store promotes Preppy for tracking PrEP
  • Apple Books offers curated collections of AIDS nonfiction and nonfiction.
  • Apple Tab « Watch Now” on TV contains a collection of related shows.
  • Apple Music has a special selection of music and radio shows.

Separately in January 2022, Apple announced that half of its revenue from (PRODUCT)RED for the whole year will go to the Global Fund.

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