Apple shares a checklist with important tips for buying a used iPhone

Posted by Joe Rossignol

This week, Apple published a new support document with some valuable tips for buying a used iPhone online or in person.

When purchasing a used iPhone online, it is very important to choose a trusted seller since the device cannot be physically inspected at the time of purchase. If possible, make sure your iPhone is not Activation Locked, as this will prevent you from using the device unless you know the previous owner's Apple ID and password.

For personal purchases, Apple has shared a helpful checklist. to check a used iPhone. Apple explains how to check for damage, how to see if parts have been replaced, how to check the health of the battery, how to tell if your iPhone is locked to a carrier, how to make sure equipment like the camera and microphone are working, and more.

While some of the advice is obvious, the Apple support document may be worth bookmarking if you're planning on buying a used iPhone in the future.


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