Apple Shares 5 Security Steps You Should Take 'Immediately' to Protect Your Apple Card

The Apple Card has a number of security improvements over many credit cards, including features such as no number/expiry date printed on the card, management in the Wallet app on iPhone, and a focus on Apple Pay. Today Apple shared 5 steps to take “immediately” to “protect yourself from fraud and make the most of your Apple Card's security features.”

Today this morning, Apple announced important security features in an email to Apple Card users advising them to use/learn about them immediately.

Here's a list of what Apple says “ you must do this now to secure your Apple Card.”

5 Apple Security Card features you should be using now

  1. Turn on advanced fraud protection. The three-digit security code for your Apple Card will change periodically for even more secure online purchases. Don't worry, recurring payments will still be made through
    • Go to Apple Card in Wallet, click the card number button, then scroll down to Advanced Fraud Protection and turn it on. Use Apple Card advanced fraud protection
  2. Enable transaction notifications</strong>. You will receive alerts each time your card is used so you can detect suspicious activity as soon as it occurs.
    • Go to your Apple Card in Wallet, click More, then click Notifications and turn on Transactions.
  3. Lock your Titanium Cardif it ever gets lost or misplaced (you can also lock it by default and only unlock it when you need it if you normally use Apple Pay)
    • Go to Apple Card in Wallet, tap, tap “Card Details”, then tap “Block Card” in the Titanium Card section. If you find your card, you can easily unlock it. Lock or unlock your Apple Card
  4. Remove lost or stolen devices from your Apple account and change your Apple ID password if you think it's been hacked
    • Go to and sign in to manage your devices (click “Devices” on the left side of the screen)
  5. Maintain Safety
    • Fraudsters sometimes pose as credit card companies in an attempt to collect customer account information and make unauthorized purchases.
    • Do not receive unwanted calls or text messages that tell you to take immediate action on your Apple Card account .
    • Do not share one-time access codes sent from Apple or Goldman Sachs to anyone.
    • Do not give your virtual card number to unverified merchants or websites
    • If If you have any doubts, hang up and call Apple Card Support at 1-877-255-5923 to make sure you're talking to a trusted Apple Card Specialist.
    • Apple Card Specialists will never ask your Apple ID password, Apple ID verification codes, device passcode, recovery key, or any account security information. Learn more about how to secure your Apple ID.

To learn more about Apple ID security, see the Apple Support document.

If you don't already have an Apple Card (and you're in the US) and want to apply, you can find the link in the Wallet app on your iPhone or on the Apple website.

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